Red Hair!

Ha ha! Little Rafey’s hair is growing back and it looks like it’s going to be red! (ah hem, giiiinger….)

I can’t believe it! I naturally assumed it would be brown, so I’m shocked! It’s so lovely!

And before any of you start getting any ideas…. Ginger hair runs in DH’s family, at least during childhood, apparently everyone who had red hair during childhood, had brown hair as adults.

Hooray- I’m really excited!

I’d post a picture, but it’s really hard to tell at the moment, it looks brown, it’s the way the light hits it at times that makes you think “wait a second it’s not coming in brown at all! It’s red!”

Little Rafe is 3 months old now, weighs a ton and is an absolute joy. He wakes up in the morning and is all smiles. We play in bed for a bit and then come downstairs, he goes into his little mothercare inner tube with the arches over the top and plays with his big mirror and colorful octopus for about 25 minutes. Usually after that he goes into his swing for a nap and will sleep until about 11:00.

He isn’t rolling over yet, but he doesn’t spend alot of time on his back or stomach, he much prefers sitting up, and is always tring to sit up by himself, or pull himself to a sitting position in the reclining chair or swing. He has an absolutley lovely temperment! This is about the month where he should start sleeping through the night (please!!!) and he has done it once. I’m trying to put him to bed in his basket each night instead of with us, which we used to do, but then I started feeding him in bed, and I’d fall asleep! I hope that not being with us and not having easy access to the boob will keep him from waking up to eat. We’ll see!

He just had his second round of shots last week. It was just like the first round, I nursed him while he was “jabbed” and he let out a heartbreaking cry of pain, but then he went back to nursing and was fine. By the time we left the building, I think it had been all but forgotten.

month 3 is looking lovely…


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