YO YO YO We is healthy, like!

At assembly this morning, at my daughters infant school, we were all handed sheets of paper with the Healthy School Rap printed on them. I wish now I had brought one home with me. It went something like this.

XX Infant School is really healthy
so healthy, we got an award
this is for the celebration.

We are all so healthy
something, something
we love coming to school!

XX Infant School is a healthy school,
and were happy for the award,
and being healthy is really cool!


(ok, not exact but you get the idea)

The rap was made up especially for the awards ceremony and the entire school had been recorded singing it. It was held at the great hall in Winchester, with the local gorvernment present and two girls had been chosen to represent the school, at the ceremony. They had been given microphones and with the accompanying backtrack of the recording, they had rapped to the Winchester Mayor. And as they stood up to lead the school in yet another rendition, I could only think- My god, what could they possibly have done to deserve that?! Poor things.

Well, silly raps aside- Congratulations to all the schools on their awards, I’m sure they could only have done it by vastly improving the quality of the school dinners and then raising the prices. It’s heartening to know the 10% of kids who can afford traditional lasagna and chicken chow mein for lunch will be that much healthier than those who bring ham sandwhiches.

*clap, clap, clap*


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