Well, despite my desperate pleas to Rafe that he stop that growing stuff, he is now almost to long for his Moses basket, and this morning he rolled over! I know I should be cherishing these very short months, but I just find myself sad with each new day, knowing that soon he will no longer be my baby. I want to sear every smile, every cuddle, every new experience into my memory, it’s over so quick and it’s so easy to forget.

Yesterday we took the kids to a local fjord(ford?) over at an old milling house. The water was crisp and clear. They ran through it and splashed and watched the Trout that swam by occasionally. Occasionally a car drove through, most were very slow and careful but others, after making sure the kids weren’t in the road, would rev the engine and plough through, splashing everyone! These were the most fun. David got some good pictures for the summer magazine he’s working on and the kids had a great time. I sat on the side with Rafe at one point and dipped his feet in, and the coldness of the water made the poor thing cry. But, once his feet were warm again, he laughed and smiled in the sunlight.

It’s very hot here, they’ve issued a heatwave alert. That seems so odd to me, as it’s at least 30 degrees cooler here than in Arizona, but then I remember that they’re not used to it here. As hot as it is, it is kind of nice, just to have the sunlight. But, I’ll be happy when it goes. I like the overcast, rainy England. Just goes to show I will never be truly British, as they like to tell me at work.


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