A woman from my daughters school is going to a childrens centre in Mozambique this summer and would like to again bring donated items for the children there. It is quite sobering to read down the list of things they desperatley need, knowing I have access to those things 24/7 either in my medicine cabinet or at corner shop. A recent report on radio 4 discussed the problem of sanitary pads in Africa, and I found myself quite close to tears as I listened. Girls who have to stay home from school because it was that time of the month. Because they simply don’t have access to pads. Can you imagine? In most cases it is because they are simply to expensive. And a group has strived to do everything in their power to make pads more accessible to women and girls, but it slow going. They have only just managed to get the government to agree to take tax off sanitary products. But, how much does that help, really?

I put together three shoeboxes of items to send along this summer, and amongst the items I included 6 packs of 20 pads each. 120 pads in total. But those certainly won’t last longer than one cycle for 6 girls. I wished I could do more.

I would like for anyone who reads this blog to send one thing to my daughters school, to in turn be passed on to the childrens centre in Mozambique. Please remember while we live more or less in the lap of luxury- these children have nothing.

Here is a list of things that would be greatly appreciated by the childrens centre. If you only send one thing, it is better than nothing at all. So, please….

unwanted childrens clothes (clean)
plasters (bandaids)
underwear (size 2-4)
laundry markers
one piece sleepsuits (large size 2-4)
spill proof training cups
sanitary pads (no tampons)
curly ribbon
glue sticks
dry erase and permanent markers
pencils, pens, notebooks and scissors.

These are such simple items, but would make such a world of difference. And theyre not expensive. I decided to go to Lidl, where I knew I would be able to get most things, and more of them. If you decide to send something, then here is the address.

Bordon Infant School
FAO: Joan Fensome
Budds Lane
Bordon, Hampshire
GU35 0JR


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