Little Rafey

Well, tomorrow Rafe will be 5 months old! He is an absolute joy, and every moment with him is amazing. In the last two months he has become extremly vocal and loves to jabber and talk, I’ve been trying to teach him to say ma ma. Now, he can say mama, but not yet in context. Or, maybe it is in context- he only says it when he’s extremly ticked off… And after mama? Aluminum. That’s right. Just because he was born in Britain doesnt mean he has to talk like the British- I’ve got the other boy for that. uncommon the
Rafe can roll over, now (has been for awhile) it really was such a non event- I was a bit sad. Though that’s not odd these days… I just put him down one day and he rolled over! “Haha, mom bet you werent expecting that!”


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