Week in Review

Monday started off normal, after the rottenness of the previous week I went in determined to have  a new outlook.  I’d rate myself a 8.5 out of 10 for Monday.

 Tuesday was also about standard I carried on with my new attitude and felt good, confident.  At the office- we prepared for interviews the next day. I even went out that night and picked up some new blouses.  I met with D’s teacher that day who had nothing but praise for D- his behaviour has improved astronomically, and he’s enjoying his position as a “junior sports leader”. It has really helped him make friends, and when O was struggling to find some friends at playtime, it helped her to have D there to make up some games and bring other kids in. D’s levels have also improved dramatically, however he is still very behind, I’m determined to get him on par with the other kids by September, though.

Wednesday, things went downhill. I woke feeling really and truly horrible. It was extremely cold and icy on the way to work, I skid at least half a dozen times. I had a pretty bad accident in August 06, the road was wet and I went into a skid on a bend. The car ping ponged about 5 times between the embankments on either side of the country road. The rear and front bumpers were ripped off before the front drivers side of the car finally came to a stop, embedded in the embankment. I was wearing my seatbelt and thankfully was not hurt, but the incident left a pretty deep impression on me.  So, driving along on a cold icy Wednesday morning and constantly encountering ice and the car skidding around constantly really shot my nerves.  I finally arrived at our new practice just wanting to sit and have a hot drink only to find the first applicant had arrived 20 minutes early, and was already there.  On top of all that, my foot which was suffering from two recent long walks on unstable paths was  giving me incredible pain every time I stepped on it!   I made it through the interviews, went back to the office to take care of a few things and then, blissfully, home. (Well, after a trip to the dentist I’d rather forget) DH let me get some sleep, but it wasn’t long until it was time to head to Olivias Netball tournament.

Now, I suppose it’s just me being American, or something but I was expecting…bleachers? Maybe? No. We arrived at the “leisure centre”, only to find a large basketball court that we were expected to sit on the floor of. And I must have been a site. Carrying the baby’s bumbo in one arm, a roll of Toilet Paper and plastic bag to put the used bits, my purse, bottle of water, baby’s cup, video camera, and oh, yes, a baby in the other. Trying to settle all of us down, on the floor.  Only to have to GET UP and relocate to the other side of the court when my daughters team did.  The baby was a nightmare, he kept running out onto the court, and crying when I tried to get him back.  I felt horrible, and the whole thing went over by about 1/2 an hour. Olivia did great and had a great time but I felt awful because I really couldn’t be there and support her like I wanted to.

 Thursday.  Did not sleep well. Woke up feeling even worse. Discarded the alarm clock and subsequently woke up an hour after I should have left for work.  Rushed but it still took 30 minutes to leave the house, (remembered to leave DH a card and chocolate heart) arrived just in time for interviews to start. A few good people. Made it through with a ten minute break between each in which I drank hot chocolate and sat on the floor in the corner with my head against the wall. Back to the office to take care of that which I should’ve done first thing in the morning.  Roses everywhere. And more coming in.  No freakin’ chocolate, anywhere. Lord.   I collected the children and headed home.  A few hours later DH appeared with a single red rose, a lovely necklace, a card and a little cake he had written “I Love You” on.  It was at that moment that I actually felt myself unwind. A full moment of rest while my husband told me how much he loved me. It was the best gift I could’ve gotten.

Friday was better, I got through quite a bit at the office, but left feeling extremely run down and tired.

Saturdays are the days I dread. Faced with three kids to entertain and a house to clean, my good intentions turn to dust as the week’s activities take their toll and my body just shuts down. I often end up being just able to cart them to swimming lessons and back, make sandwiches for lunch and collapse on the couch. I did manage a shower last night before heading back to work to wrap up further bits before being off all next week.

Because of the Saturday energy sap, I have vowed to start exercising more during the week. Including an early morning something before work, and a lunch time bike ride. I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, enjoy pictures from the Netball torunament, and a video from the week. I included a bit of sword juggling at the end, just for fun.

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  1. Posted by J on March 27, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Can we see more of Olivia and the Netball…she looks to be kickin’ butt against those older/ taller kids….


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