Open your eyes, people!

Once again the issue of teenage pregnancy has been greeted with ignorance and blame.

 I say this everytime. I will keep saying it until I am blue in the face. Teenage pregnancy is NOT caused by young girls being stupid, selfish, desperate for a baby, looking for the government to give them an easy ride, etc.  It is sad, sad, sad that people actually think this is the case!

Pregnancy is a crisis facing our young girls. It is the culmination of years of society brainwashing. Young girls are taught that they MUST be pretty, skinny, sexy. Who is teaching them this? YOU ARE!  Look around you- what do you see? Pop star princesses in rehab, anorexic models on the magazine covers, independant, intelligent women being vilified in the local paper. Girls being taught that when they grow up, they will be mommies. They will get married and have lots of little babies.

What did you think would happen? When you started calling smart girls ugly and independant girls fem-nazis? When you started telling little girls they were fat? When you started marketing clothes with “porn star” written on them to toddlers?

 You society, are destroying our little girls. Do you really think that throwing condoms and birth control pills at teenagers is going to solve the problems you have created? Do you really think that shoving sex down young girls throats then turning your backs on them when they actually have sex is going to solve the problem?

  •  sex
  • drugs
  • peer pressure
  • impossible standards of physical beauty
  • expectation that they will grow up to be “mommies”
  • self loathing when their weight or beauty is not what is on the magazine covers
  • astronomical cost of further education

These are the issues facing our young girls today. Issues that society has created for them. Until we acknowledge our part in the crisis, until we take real steps to stamp out the roots of the issues above, young girls will keep having sex, and keep getting pregnant.

And we will have noone to blame but ourselves.


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