Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothers Day. Well, in the UK. Mom’s in the states have to wait a bit longer. The kids presented me with handpicked flowers and handmade cards yesterday and this morning they had grand plans to make pancakes for breakfast, thankfully they have no idea how to make pancakes and when I arrived downstairs they had thus far only managed to turn my recipe book collection upside down as they searched for my favorite pancake recipe. I quickly took control and send the horde out to buy the Sunday paper.

When they came back they all disappeared upstairs and came back with a store bought card (not NEARLY as nice as the handmade ones!) and a huge box of Thornton’s dark chocolates. yum.

 Mothers are so often taken for granted. I take my own mother for granted (Hi, Mom!)- ringing her up to simply complain about my day, my week, my job, my kids, etc. For those of us lucky to have mothers, what would we do without them? A special day is great, but we should remember all the work they do for us year round. For those of us unlucky enough to have to work outside the home, our mothers step in all over the world to help raise our little ones. When we are in a financially sinking ship, our mothers step in to plug the whole, and moan at us for shopping at Sainsbury’s instead of Asda. When we have had enough, and don’t think we are strong enough to continue on, our mothers force us to take one more step.

 Women are shored up by their mothers. My mother knows everything about me. What I wrote in my diary when I was 12, what my teachers thought of me, how I became me. We don’t always have the best relationships with our mothers, but when it comes down to it, they are always the ones we go back to in the end. The ones who can pick up the pieces when it all falls down.  And for that, they should be revered all year long.


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