Secondary School D-Day

Yes, we were winners. Devon has gotten into our first choice school, a language college. I’m very pleased as the school is very focused on “expressive arts” like, drama,dance,writing,etc. Also languages are a very big part of the curriculum and he will be learning French and German from day one, with an option to take a GCSE in Chinese.

 Devon was also thrilled initially but his enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when he heard about their homework policy,detention policy and school uniform policy. But, there are also lots of things to keep him happy, I hope.

 I’m very concerned about Devon starting secondary school while still being so far behind. But I suppose I can’t do much more than try and get him as far as possible before school ends, and then work with him nonstop during the summer break. I’m not sure how Devon will do in a big school. Hopefully being older he will find his own niche and flourish, or he could flounder and sink.


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