wind and woe

Howling and blowing. Trees bending and breaking. Waves crashing. Cars slipping.

 Less then two weeks until Spring, and winter arrives. Perhaps snow is still on the cards, after all.

 Feeling bogged down. Crisis at work, kids homework projects, son being banned from after school clubs, baby turning two, me turning 26, switching bank accounts and it’s a mess. House is a mess, inspection due next month. Waiting for money to clear our account. Car needs fixing, bills need paying, kids are mad because I’m never home.

 Writing. A bit.

 Received a wonderful early birthday present from Mom and Dad, The collected novels of the Bronte Sisters, illustrated, in a gorgeous book. Kids won’t let me crack it open until my birthday! I desperatley wanted to escape into Jane Eyre this evening, but restrained myself, and took a shower instead. I dissapoint the children in so many other ways, I didn’t want to dissapoint them with that, too. Perhaps they’ll be proud of mommy for waiting. Little things, people- little things.

 Came home to find daddy and the kids playing scrabble. Goblin and sharks were two of my favorite words on the board. Was also amused to see they had made “jar” three times.  O won, 96 points. She won trivial pursuit last night, too so she was over the moon. It’s nice to see her so happy.


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