Did she? Are you SURE she didn’t? Someone said she did…

I am a regular radio 4 listener. I won’t pretend to know anything much about the other stations, except I can’t stand the lady who reads the news on radio 2, but I quite like radio 4. Which is why I was so upset to hear an interview this morning with the mother of 9 year old Shannon Matthews. Shannon dissapeared “without a trace” 3 weeks ago on her way home from school. Now, I’m happy for journalists to ask the hard questions, and I am still really annoyed that noone really ever called the McCanns on leaving their 3 under 5’s alone while they went out and wined and dined with their friends.  So, I can understand asking Karen Matthews if her daughter might have run away or if there were problems at home. What I cannot understand and what pisses me off is A. asking the question repeatedly, is it an interview or a police interrogation? B. The ridiculous “As time has gone by, has it gotten harder?” C. “We should explain- there is a slightly complicated family picture with you- you have seven children with 5 different fathers?”  And that right there is where I want to slap her. How is that relevant? and finally D. “your own parents have accused your partner of abuse”

 What better way to paint a picture of a bad mother whose young child has run away from home than repeatedly pointing out that the mother has “seven children by five fathers” and irresponsibly throwing around “family” accusations of child abuse.  The BBC has no idea what happened to this little girl. They have not brought forward any proof of abuse. It is disgusting and irresponsible to assault this mother with that  line of questioning and certainly does nothing to help find the little girl.

I suppose only the rich can be victims, the poor must be guilty.


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