Happy Birthday to Me….

(belated) But that’s ok- I can be late wishing myself a happy birthday!

So, yesterday was my birthday.  Wow-26! Everyone keeps saying things like “lucky you!” and “You’re SO young!”. Wait, what? But, I feel SO old! I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got three kids before you’re 25! Is that how we solve the teen pregnancy crisis? Simply point out to young girls who want babies that those cute babies will become terror ten year olds and on their 26th birthday, they will feel 40! C’mon people- we have to try different things until we find what works, right? Currently I’m exposing my daughter to the baby’s DISGUSTING poopy diapers on a regular basis, oh especially when it’s exploded up the back of his diaper and is caking his back and clothes! She assures me she does not want a cute little baby, especially one that poops.  Good, I say.

 Anyway- my day. I actually had a really good day. Which surprises me, I’ve never had great birthdays. I’ve come to dread them over the years as I just end up feeling miserable.  But yesterday was pretty good. As I was leaving for work I noticed a huge box of dark chocolates and a super sweet birthday card on the chair by the door, and a cute little “I Love You” paper weight. 5 points for romantic hubby. When I got to work there was a funny birthday card waiting for me, signed by the nurses and reception! (Thanks, girls!) And it seemed like every few minutes there was someone else popping in to wish me a happy birthday.

When DH got home he presented me with a huge box from the states, my mom’s EASTER box! He had secreted it away for my birthday! This box was FANTASTIC! I will post pictures of the contents later, but for now I’ll just say two words –THIN MINTS!  After dinner I was treated to a lovely birthday party with balloons, cake, and lots of great gifts. A new hand mixer from DH, Clue(do) from the kids (a hint? Could they be sick of playing trivial pursuit and scrabble?)  An eternity tea light mirror from my lovely mother in law and a photo frame clock from my great father in law. A lovely notebook and pen set from my sister in law, and a £25 gift card to Amazon from my Super Secret Buddy(Thank You, SB!) Can’t wait to put that to good use!

We played two games of Clue and I won both! Which is great considering I havent played that since I was a child. It put DH’s nose a bit out of joint though!

 I read some of the introduction to my book of Bronte novels, which was fascinating, previously I knew next to nothing about the Bronte sisters. And then to bed. All in all a very nice birthday.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my Uncle Steve, who may or may not read this blog. Have a great day!


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