Party Animals

So, we went to Marwell on Sunday. It was rainy and it was cold and it was windy. But the baby had a great time.  rafey1.gif 

Periodically while walking down this *unused* track, Rafe shouted “TOO TOO!”

 Of great interest were the Tigers, restlessly patrolling their area. Rafe was so enthralled he held me there with him (seriously- he blocked my  legs and held my hand!) for 20 minutes watching these big cats.  I momentarily wondered how our “topcat” at home would fare against this kitty… tiger.gif

We enjoyed seeing all the various animals, though I must admit they looked as miserable and cold as we felt. chameleon.gif

This little guy was our favorite, we couldn’t help but stand and watch him for ages as he dashed around the enclosure and up and down the trees. redpanda.gif

The otters were the most amusing, obviously feeling a bit in need of some female companionship, they were trying their damndest to get a glimpse of the girls next door. otters1.gif otters2.gif otters3.gif

The kids had a great time,too. Rafe was sleeping so we got a new shot of Dev and Livvy in front of the hippo. A similar shot from 2 years ago has them sitting on top with Rafe in front. livdevhippo.gif

Happy Birthday, Rafe. I only wish that you could remember what a great time you had in twenty years. rafey2.gif


3 responses to this post.

  1. Great shot of the Red Panda. 🙂

    The train is ‘back’ from its wee holiday though so watch out on that track!


  2. Posted by ering1 on April 3, 2008 at 7:18 am

    Thanks, Helena! Do you work at Marwell?

    The photos are my husbands, he’s a great photographer!


  3. Posted by J on April 12, 2008 at 5:44 am

    We love the shots of the otters trying to get a “glimpse next door”…and the Tiger shot is awsome..I have actually “borrowed” it for my background on my computer.
    I am no professional but maybe an entry into
    is worth a try?


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