Bigoted Nescient Parasites

I must simply say this- if you have ever considered voting for the BNP, please reconsider. A popular political party that contains a high standing member that spews such hate filled ignorance is truly a frightening thing. While the party is known for it’s ridiculous policies on immigration, this transcends anything I have ever seen or heard from them and it makes me feel sick.

To claim that women enjoy rape, are to blame for the woes of society because they choose to work, and are all vindictive and spiteful is so jaw droppingly backwards it makes you wonder if we really are living in a 1st world, modern and educated country in the 21st century.

For the BNP to trivialize the blog’s statements by saying they had been “taken out of context” or to defend it by screaming “FREE SPEECH, FREE SPEECH”  is apalling. Yes, BNP, your members may say what they like on their blog, just as I may on mine, but the simple fact that one of your members holds such views, felt it appropriate to publish them and you have defended it says quite a lot about your party. Please, remember, in May when you are hanging your heads in defeat that it was not the “nasty, braindead, disgruntled left wing… undemocratic democrats”, or even the “stupid women” who brought you down, but yourselves, by simply revealing your true colours.

Despite my uncomfort with Labour’s immigration policies this issue makes me eager to become a British citizen, just so that I may cast my vote away from this disgusting party.  As all immigrants, stupid women,  working mothers, traffic wardens and rape victims should.

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  1. Posted by Simon on April 5, 2008 at 11:07 am

    The BNP withdrew their candidate the next day because his remarks were appalling (you deliberately failed to mention this). His comments were never supported, and Richard Barnbrook condemned him. Labour, however, have retained their disgusting assortment of war criminals, fraudsters, ‘ex’-communists and traitors.

    Anti-semite Ken Livingstone openly supported Sinn Fein and has physically embraced Muslim extremists who advocate murdering homosexuals, suicide bombings and honour killings. How about leaving Hampsire and moving your family to Peckham to get a true taste of ‘multiculturalism’?

    The BNP will win at least one seat in London and you will hang YOUR head. Better still, move back to the USA and stay the hell out of British politics.


  2. Posted by ering1 on April 6, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    Well, while I may have “failed” to mention that they “withdrew” their canidate the next day here, I did say elsewhere that while the BNP may say they acted “honourably” by withdrawing this person, the simple fact that they were happy to be associated with the blog for 3 years says otherwise.

    I have no intention of moving back to the USA and staying out of “British” politics, so sorry to dissapoint.


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