My husband was put in charge of putting my music on my new mp3 player (do not confuse this with an ipod, which I can’t justify spending £100 on just to keep me entertained on the train. yet.) He was given this job because quite frankly, I can’t be bothered to go to all that work.  I am grateful to him for doing this. He dragged up our entire collection of cd’s, mostly his, and went through all the tracks on the computer and spent two days working on it. He presented it to me, finished, last night. He couldn’t, he claimed, squeeze even one more thing onto it. Not even that podcast of The Now Show I’d asked for.

So, I’ve just sat down at the computer to write out next weeks dinner menu, and saw it sitting there and decided to have a listen.  First track: The Now Show. (god, i love him) I decided to leave that for the train tomorrow and flipped to the 2nd track: “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

Barbie Girl. Aqua. 

And what can you do but laugh? Laugh, and listen. Because who doesn’t like a little bit of Aqua?



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