well. gee. thanks for your thoughts!

Monday and Tuesday: Positive and uplifitng? I think not….


 “the system is crap” (translation: “your system is crap”) (Thanks, I know!)

“it’s called sharing,Erin- something you obviously know nothing about” (How about not being a bitch? Know anything about that?) (and by the way- that comment was totally uncalled for. I know how to share, I just expect something in return, like chocolate or “thank you.”)


“nobody likes the way you’re throwing your weight around” (I wasn’t aware I had any weight to throw around but I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!)


“I understand you like to tie up loose ends but sometimes rushing into things is counter productive.” (Well, I thought it was called being on the ball, so sorry. Maybe if other people had taken their thumbs out of their asses, then that loose end wouldn’t have been quite so loose and my doing MY bit before going on holiday would have been seen for what it was- being on top of things. But, hey! that’s just me.)

“I’m glad you’re back, I missed you.” (Now, that seriously worries me.)


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