the state of things.

Emotionally exhausted. Who knew this life could ever be so hard? I was a wreck yesterday, though I managed to pull it together before I got to work. I retreated into my own little world of insurance claims and client invoicing with interruptions only every 10 minutes. I stuck my MP3 player on, and tried not to be consumed with thoughts of my inadequacies and many mistakes. Eventually the threat of fresh tears passed and I was able to move on with my work. Hooray me, I managed to recover £5000 for the company yesterday. Of course, winching this money away from our clients who have already struggled to pay thousands in treatment costs seems a bit crass when you think of the big celebrity client who’s been given thousands of pounds of treatment for free. I don’t like to be critical, at least not like this, but I have such a hard time reconciling it in my head. Those who are most able to pay are given so much for free, while those who struggle are fleeced again and again. I don’t mean my company specifically, we may be guilty of having stars in our eyes, but never of fleecing our much valued clients. I mean society. It’s a theme that is oft repeated in every facet of life. The rich are enthroned, worshipped. The poor are stepped on. For proof simply look out at the world as it is. War, corruption, famine devour our poorest countries, while here sits a “rich” white American, lamenting about the state of it. Next I’ll be listening to my online radio, drinking Evian and eating my cinnamon raison bagel whilst demanding that our clients fork out for their dog’s latest physiotherapy session.

If that isn’t proof, what is?


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