Rafe Notes

2 years 2months


Being two agrees with Rafe. He has lots of independence, but knows that mommy and daddy are here if he needs us. He walks and runs like an old pro. He loves to jump on the beds with sister and brother (when mommy isn’t looking, of course!) They have also very helpfully shown him how to slide down the stairs on plastic lids and flattened boxies…. Talking is still a bit limited to single words but he’s getting there and I’m not worried. Recently he’s added “dance” “bess ew” “hereitis” “juice” “grandad”  and “‘ello Ivvy” (hello Livvy) to his vocabulary. He tends to pick words up, use them and discard them very quickly though, so his actual vocabulary is probably far bigger than what he displays on a daily basis. The health visitor has asked to review his speech in six months.

He is a very picky eater. No fruit. No meat. spaghetti,toast,pancakes,bread,yogurt,creamy rice,baked beans. Those are his favorite things, and pretty much all he will eat. Oh, and chocolate. He has got a huge sweet tooth.

He is adventurous, loves to climb things and isn’t particularly clingy when we’re out and about. He loves to dance, he adores swimming. I think it’s definitely because of the older two that he is so adventurous, they are so wild themselves, and they always have time for him, to show him how to do something, lift him up, take him down, push him on the swings, etc.

I am always amazed seeing how the older two are with Rafe. Things can be so fraught with D sometimes that I just cry. And then I hear him in the next room, jubilantly congratulating Rafe on saying a new word, or he’ll make a special trip all the way upstairs just to say goodnight to his little brother, or take his hand and gently lead him to a new play thing. It reminds me of how much I love him, and how no matter how trying his behaviour can be, he is at heart tender, loving, patient. It helps me remember, again, that he will grow out of his bullheadedness, he will find himself, and he will be fine.

I suppose my only concern about Rafe is the way his left foot turns inwards when he walks or runs.  It has always done that and it is something that has been gnawing at my mind for some time now. I couldn’t sit on it any more so I mentioned it to the health visitor. She watched him run, and agreed that it did turn inwards, and thought perhaps it was actually his knee.  She’s referred him to a podiatrist (a podiatrist?- seems like an odd choice) So, we’ll see. Hopefully it’s something that he will simply grow out of.  I see a lot of animals with growth deformities come through at work, and while I imagine corrective surgery would be far different in humans, it’s not something I’d like to put my young son through.

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