Well, after a late night watching Eurovision (RUSSIA?!-They weren’t that great!) We all had a bit of a lay in, if you can call 8:00 a lay in, that is! After all five of us watched Rafe’s favorite pre-school show (In the Night Garden) and tried very hard not to snicker to much (it is actually quite charming if you can get past the ridiculessness)- we had breakfast. The kids and daddy watched a Charlie Chaplin movie and eventually we headed out for a walk along the seafront. Now, I had decided we would first go to Gunwharf Quays (outlet shopping) which is on the seafront, and pick up a birthday gift for Rafe’s cousin Keir, who is turning 3. We’d have lunch there and then have our walk along the seafront.

This was actually a bad idea, as it is a bank holiday weekend, the start of halfterm (kids off school) and the weather was lovely and sunny. Gunwharf was PACKED. The lovely toy shop I had in mind had been replaced by yet another clothes shop. We spied a booth where they were selling handpuppets, but they were too big for a 3yr. old. Another booth was doing name plagues, but he already has one. We left empty handed. After we stopped at Subway for lunch we escaped the crowds by driving down to langstone harbour to enjoy our lunch. After eating, I sat with Rafe on the beach and we threw stones into the water and watched the boats and seagulls. Then it was off to Toys R Us, which I had been trying to avoid, where we hoped to find some toy boats for his new pool, but no such luck. Eventually we found a Kid K’nex kit, which I love, that was just right. We had a look at some of their keyboards for Olivias lessons, but all were over £50 and quite large for a 7 year old. So, she is still without.

Back home, nothing too special, Rafe played happily in his play room for ages, while I napped and the kids and daddy worked in the back yard. Eventually we all converged in the living room where I sorted through various forms, paid bills and the kids and daddy watched Gladiators.

After dinner, I took Rafe out front for what I had intended to be a look at the cars passing by before going up to bed. Rafe, however, had other ideas and promptly took my hand and dragged me down to the park! We walked across the balance board, the wobbly chain, and Rafe even had a wonderful time spinning me around on the…spinny thing. I was quite dizzy afterwards. Rafe then picked up the largest clumps of dried cut grass that he could find, placed them in one of the swings and started swinging the grass! Then he lifted his arms up so he could go in the other swing and presently I found myself pushing my two year old and his friend, Dried Grass Clump, on the swings. Periodically I cried Wheee! to both.

As we left the park, Rafe called good night and goodbye to the park and the swings and Clumpy, and we headed home. I had suspected he would be ready to go right to bed when we got there, but no- he pulled up a chair along side daddy and watched him play solitaire for twenty minutes. Getting him to bed was a piece of cake, and no sooner did we blow him a kiss and turn out the light, he was snoring contentedly.

Despite being in his customary pleasant mood and having no signs of illness, Rafe was quite hoarse and without voice, today. It was very odd hearing his lovely words and phrases in such a deep, hoarse voice. Like a glimpse into his future. He has developed even more words, now and says things like “It’s a book!” “Hello” “Goodnight/bye” He says “Daisy” and “Iggle” (characters from his favorite show) and “Juice”. Today as we lay in bed, he kept saying “MaMA!” and pulling me away from my book to watch him. Which, I didn’t mind at all.

A mostly lovely day.


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