Somehow, I’m not convinced…

“He won’t hurt you!”

Yes, he will. That is the entire point of circling me while growling and barking.  To leave me with no doubt whatsoever that given the chance, he’d rip me to shreds.  Surely after he ran up to me three days ago and pressed his bared teeth against my leg- you understand this? He wasn’t saying “hello! I’m a doggy-pet me!”

People are weird about their pets. Perhaps they’re weird about their children as well, but most parents wouldn’t allow a child to run up to a stranger and scream at them, circle them, and chase them. So, why do dog owners think it’s ok for their dogs to do it?  I face this dog three days a week- previously I just trudged on past, being aware of the barking menace but not really taking any notice, offering the owner the wan smile I usually save for other parents whose children are screaming in the supermarket. But as I’ve said- three days ago this vicious cocker spaniel actually ran up to me and pressed his teeth against my leg.  And today he just wouldn’t let up, chasing me, circling me, barking at me, charging me. With the owner simply calling his name in the background.  And then she threw in the old “He won’t hurt you!” bit. Hah- three days ago she was asking whether he’d bitten me, sounding fairly convinced I was going to say “yes”.

I don’t mind dogs, and I don’t normally care if they’re not on a leash, at least in the park or walking in the fields. But, when it’s pretty obvious your dog is frightening people, it’s probably time to put a leash on it. They are animals, and they aren’t always as predictable as we’d like them to be.  

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