upgrade, baby!

my new phone: (image copyright its producer) It’s a Sony Ericsson W580i walkman

from the internet

Not only was it free: I even got £200 back!

I love it. Well, I loved it until about 3 hours ago when I realized I had somehow managed to delete all the cute pictures of the kids I’d taken with it. Must figure that out….

It’s a “walkman”, so goodbye battery eating mp3 player! It’s also got a step counter and calculates how many calories you’re burning! Which is cool because I walk alot, and I’m halfheartedly trying to lose weight. It’s pink, which I love. The camera rocks! Also I can get my RSS feeds delivered to it, plus my email. Not sure what the extra price is for either of those features though. It’s also got two new games, something tetrisy and Sims2, and considering I don’t like sudoku much to begin with, I was really very eager to get something new!

There was an option of upgrading to a new phone with a new provider and getting a Nintendo Wii+guitar hero3, but we’ve just been given 3 months notice to vacate the premises as our landlord is coming back from the states and wants the house back. We need as much money as we can get to afford a new deposit, so I took the 200 quid. I really wanted the give the kids a Wii for their birthdays, but we can’t afford to take any chances on that deposit.

As far as where the rest of the money will come from- I’ve no idea. Our belts will be incredibly tight the next two months, but I am worried. I didn’t realize how worried until we had our first viewings the other day. The house we liked the best is £120 less a month than what we’re currently spending, which is great! But the move in cost is £1850. This has thrown me into a tailspin- I was thinking we’d need about £1000. Which we probably could manage by putting a halt to all our non essential spending and maybe borrowing a bit from the inlaws. But £2000? I don’t know how we’ll get that much. I’m really really scared.

Ah- I promised myself I wouldn’t mention it. That I would just blog about my cute new phone that cost me nothing and even blagged £200. I’m sorry to be such a downer. The phone rocks!


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