7:30am: I’ve been at work 20 minutes. I’ve done all my first thing routines, and I’ve just finished preparing a bagel in the staff room.  I’m walking towards the door, I take a bite, part of the bagel starts to fall away. I keep the bagel up to my mouth, chewing on the first bit so I can take the falling off bit into my mouth as soon I’ve swallowed the first bit. I am starving, if half my bagel falls on the floor I’m going to be really bloody irritated. As I walk through the staff room door, my boss walks through the next door, suited bank man in tow.

“Good morning, Erin- you don’t normally see me in this early, do you?”

um. no. are you ill?

Bank man gives me a sympathetic look as I try and get away with my dignity, and my bagel, still intact.


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