say “ahhhhh”

We practiced with Rafe all day- “say ahhh”, we’d say, and then stick our fingers in his mouth. He’d promptly do the same to us. We weren’t sure this was exactly preparing him for his first trip to the dentist, but we figured it was a start.

In the end, we’re not sure if it paid off or not, he eventually opened up and let the dentist do her thing. But he was not exactly thrilled. The verdict however? Two teeth left to come in and no problems. He has beautiful chompers, straight little white pearls all in a row. I was dissapointed he didn’t open up and let daddy get a picture.  Yes, that is a huge bruise on his forehead, see below for explanation.

Devon was given a clean slate and asked to come back in six months.  Which was a relief, I feel like I have to “yell” at him for everything, lately. It’s nice to know brushing his teeth is not yet another thing to yell at him about.

Olivia has always had problems with her teeth, I have yet to get anyone to explain to me why. When I first expressed concern to a dentist about the state of her teeth, I was accused of putting her to bed with a bottle of juice when she was a baby and reprimanded because this causes tooth decay. When I protested that I knew that caused tooth decay and thus had never done so, I was ignored.  She’s just lost two top teeth and the new ones have not quite come in yet so the new dentist wasn’t able to tell much, and has asked Livvy to return in 3 months. I’m concerned that the 2nd top tooth (the one in the middle, what is it called?) is coming in quite crooked, but I suppose that remains to be seen.  She also had a no cavities verdict, so I was pleased with that. Proof that I’m doing at least one thing right.

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