um. yeah. ouch.

This is what happens when a 26 year old woman decides to act like a 10 year old and run like mad down a scrabbly, broken and disused road of a hill, because she’s running a bit behind for the train.

She falls. And spends the next two days trying to come up with really good excuses. “I’m Angelina Jolie’s stunt double- didn’t I tell you?” “It’s the latest thing in skin exfoliation- works a treat!”

One severly scraped and swollen left arm.

Two badly scraped and bruised knees.

One slightly scraped right arm.

Two slightly scraped palms.

One entire body full of aches and pains at every movement.

One scratched up brand new cell phone.

And a badly damaged ego.

I have decided to walk, slowly, everywhere I go from now on. Oh, and leave a few minutes earlier for that train…

I’m not the only one beating myself up this week. Rafe fell on a walk to the park last Saturday and had a big scrape on his elbow, now a big scab. Running to the open front door on Wednesday, he tripped over his own feet and smacked his head against the door- bringing up a huge bump that three days later, is still a very nasty yellow/green color, and finally-stood up backwards on the computer chair and started cheering and bouncing his belly off the back of the chair. It toppled backwards and he very very barely missed giving himself another nasty bash to the head on the computer desk, but the floor was not entirely forgiving, either.


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  1. Ouch is right! That looks painful. Hope you heal soon. x


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