Rafe Notes

2 years 3.5 months

Rafe is again very hoarse today, despite not seeming ill and being quite happy in himself.

Since turning two back in March, Rafe has just blossomed. He says a new word practically every day, it seems! Yesterday he said “Grandma” and “please”, both in context! It was so cute watching him say “peas?! PEASE! PEASE MAMA!” That I couldn’t hold out on him for long.

Every Saturday we go along to the swimming pool for Devon and Olivia’s swimming lessons. Down one side of the pool is a seating area. There are always people there when Rafe and I arrive and they always have to get up to let us by. Today as we walked in Rafe ran up the first person and said “scuse me!” and then ran along to the next person and said “scuse me!”. It was lovely, especially as while I’m always telling the children to say excuse me, it’s not something I’ve begun to teach Rafe yet. The two people concerned were very pleasantly surprised and I must admit it made me feel pretty good. Especially as Rafe has also said something that sounds very close to um…”shit.” And yeah- I can’t eaxactly blame that one on the “awful kids at school!” Oops.

Rafe is still a very picky eater. He will no longer eat yogurt and still won’t eat meat or fresh fruit of any description. Most days he eats alot of jam sandwhiches or to be different, toast and jam! He only drinks apple juice and milk (cow and breast). One of our favorite meals as a family is tacos- and shockingly we did get Rafe to eat quite a bit the other night (his plate had tortilla chips, beans,rice and cheese on it) He also likes cheese and his huge sweet tooth is still intact.

His hair is long and blonde, now. People frequently don’t know if he’s a boy or a girl, and daddy is adamant that we not cut it until he starts school in a few years! (Except for the occasional trim to keep it out of his eyes.) I love his blonde curls and figure both will grow out in a few years so I don’t mind daddy’s no cut rule.

Recently the early morning sunshine and bird song has had him awake at 4:30 or 5:00. Sometime’s he’ll lay back down with us and sleep but frequently I find myself jerking awake to something being shoved in my mouth or up my nose. A few days ago it was chocolate, this morning it was a balloon he wanted me to blow up. “Ba-oon! Ba-oon MAMA!” (Have you ever tried to blow up a balloon in your sleep? I managed to get a few puffs into it and even tied the damn thing- by which time he was completly uninterested) Every morning I desperatley hope that THIS will be the morning the preschool channel is on and every morning I get the same “We’re off the air! But all the fun will start again at 6:00 am!!!” Bastards.

Rafe is now also learning about his independance more and more- and while I love watching him climb the climbing frame at the park or roll down a big hill, there is of course the other side of independance. That is when they realize they don’t have to listen to you. More and more Rafe is ignoring me when I say “no!”. Previously he’d stop or put something down immediately after I’d told him to, but now I have to tell him 3 or 4 times. For a long time I’ve been working on being stern with the older two, rather than yelling at them. It is still something I have trouble with- but they are older, ignoring mom is second nature by now. I’m finding that it is much easier with Rafe. If he ignores me three times than I stop, take a second and then tell him very sternly (but not too loudly) to stop. And he listens! Another trick is saving his middle name for when he’s really done it. I still yell too much, but I’m glad to find I can be stern without yelling, too!

All in all he is an absolute joy and I find myself becoming sad at the thought that in a few years I won’t be able to swing him aroung and smother him with kisses, or delight in the way he says new words for the first time or lays his head on my shoulder when he’s tired or looks out the window with daddy and says “byebye!” to everything he can see at bedtime. They grow to fast, can’t we keep them babies forever? Life only gets harder as you get older and you never remember any of those amazing moments full of joy you had as a very young child.


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  1. This age is such an amazing time, our tots are becoming their own little people and personalities are emerging. It’s simultaneously thrilling and sad. Rafe sounds like a wonderful little boy, you’re doing a great job!


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