sun stroke?!

Being from Arizona I very frequently underestimate the power of the sun in England. Sunburn? In England? Surely not possible!

It is, I assure you. When we left yesterday it was slightly overcast and cool. Grabbing the sunscreen was a thought that never even occured to me. The route I had mapped out for our long Sunday walk was longer than I anticipated and we ended up spending something like 4-5 hours in what turned into lovely, blue skies and sunshine weather. Eating our lunch on benches overlooking the Solent, walking along the seafront, laying in the sun and playing frisbee, sitting by the flower beds and admiring the roses in the Southsea Rose Garden.  By the time we got back to the car Mommy, Daddy and Rafey were all lobster red. (Well, Rafe wasn’t that bad, he had a hat on most of the day so it was only his shoulders that were burnt.) The other two have darker complexions so were spared the actual redness of sunburn, though now they have MUCH darker complexions!

Later in the evening I developed a nasty headache and just felt awful- D was quite sure I had developed mild sunstroke. Which I think must be a sign that I am getting old. Growing up 100 miles from the Mexican border I had no shortage of lobster red, crackling/peeling skin sunburns. The type where you can’t even move without crying out, laying down is out of the question because it was always your back that got the worst of it and you spend the next day hunched over a fan with wet cloths all over your back. And this was WITH sunscreen! And NOW I get sunstroke? Definetly getting old.

I worried about the kids, initially but they are fine. As obviously kids tend to be. Little buggers.  I think we’ll be spending next Sunday indoors, playing scrabble.


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  1. My husband got a bad sunburn this weekend too, he was playing in a football tournament all day Saturday and forgot to put on sunscreen. Silly boy has a lobster red face, neck and legs!

    Me, I learned my lesson when I got second degree burns on parts of my arms and chest when I was a teenager from a serious sunburn and now I try to avoid direct sunlight for longer than short spells and put sunscreen on if I’m going to be outside between 10am and 5pm, even if it’s not particularly warm. If the sun is shining, it goes on!


  2. Posted by ering1 on July 3, 2008 at 6:55 am

    Oh, sorry to hear about TNH, A. Our burns are starting to fade and peel, hope he’s feeling better, as well!

    It’s really smart of you to avoid the sun like that. Given where I’m from, you’d think I’d be that smart, too! And everytime I get a sunburn I think “You are lucky you don’t have skin cancer-Erin! Put the bloody sun screen on!”


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