I had been perusing various psychology blogs and websites when I came across this article. Previous to this I had been viewing images from Christmas In Purgatory: A Photographic Essay On Mental Retardation. Those images had been disturbing, and very sad, and I could only bear to look at maybe a dozen of them. To me they chronicled an ignorant age, when we simply didn’t fully understand. I wondered if the same sort of images could be captured in today’s America, where we are all open minded and aware, where we are so civilized. Certainly not, I thought- we have come a long way from the days portrayed in that essay!

Unfortunately I’m wrong, as this article and accompanying CCTV footage illustrate. Even these days, those with mental health disorders are treated inhumanely, without compassion or care. But these days, we do not have the old excuse of ignorance to fall back on. These days we are simply to lazy to care. 

”  A shocking video shows a woman dying on the floor in the psych ward at Kings County Hospital, while people around her, including a security guard, did nothing to help.

After an hour, another mental patient finally got the attention of the indifferent hospital workers, according to the tape, obtained by the Daily News.

Worse still, the surveillance tape suggests hospital staff may have falsified medical charts to cover the utter lack of treatment provided Esmin Green before she died. ”  more


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