It was getting on towards bedtime, Rafe was watching the last of “In the Night Garden” before it was time to go up. Suddenly the drizzle outside turned into a great shower from the heavens. The trees were whipping back and forth, the rain lashing against the windows. “Rafe! Look!” He turned to the windows and stared out at the storm. We decided this was a storm not to be missed and rushed upstairs to his room, at the top of the house, threw open his windows and watched from a birds vantage.

He was enthralled. I wasn’t surprised. Just that afternoon we had taken a walk along the sea front and Rafe had loved, LOVED,running along with the waves crashing over the sea wall and soaking us.

This baby likes water.

We watched the storm for about half an hour. Rafe struggling to get a better vantage point, putting his hands out to catch the rain, laughing and yelling.

Eventually not even 11 year old Devon could hold out and they both sat and stared out the window at the rain.


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