what? you are joking. right?

“Well, if you’re fat- it’s simply a case of putting to many calories in one end and not doing enough work to burn them off!”

“So, you’re saying that fat people are fat because they’re lazy sods who sit around eating all day?”

“Well…. need I say anything?”

She’s referring to me, apparently since I am overweight I qualify, despite the fact there isn’t a speck of food on my desk and my last meal was lunch three hours ago.  I choose to ignore the personal dig, I’m overweight because I’ve had three kids in ten years and have never made a concentrated effort to lose the baby weight, not because I sit around eating all day. (well, not every day.)

“So,” I say, “What about all the skinny people who sit around eating crap all day…?”

“Well, that just proves it!” she says

“Well it proves that there are lots of skinny people who eat crap and don’t exercise!”


the conversation ends.


I was blown away, first by the sheer ignorance and this attitude of “fat people are fat because they are lazy and eat to much!” and then further by my discovery of this company, which apparently teaches people that they are fat because they can’t control themselves, and use eating as a coping mechanism.

There are many reasons for people being fat or skinny, and it amazes me that there is such a hurtful, ignorant attitude prevalent amongst “skinny” people.  We can all agree that being overweight is not a healthy thing. But to have such a venomous and condescending attitude towards overweight people is really sad.  I am the only overweight person in my office and I am constantly shocked at the way my skinny colleagues talk about “fat” people. It’s just so cringeworthy, incredibly insulting, patronizing and condescending.

I’m not saying we should encourage people to be overweight, but we certainly shouldn’t be bullying those who are overweight or making them feel like they are just really stupid, lazy people.


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  1. Posted by daniella on July 24, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    I am the only overweight person in my office and I am constantly shocked at the way my skinny colleagues talk about “fat” people.

    I would expect the same if you were the only black person in an all white office and you heard them making strange generalizations about blacks.

    It’s a matter of people not knowing what it’s like to live in another persons shoes, and trying to understand them. Perhaps, inadvertantly, being insulting in the process.

    I think the only thing we can do is try and have a good attitude about it and try and change their mindsets; but NOT by being condescending back.


  2. I am ‘skinny’, yet like you, I am appalled that there are people out there such as you have described. These people are ignorant. If they were educated, they’d understand a little something about a thing called metabolism. And shocker…not all beautiful and healthy people are skinny. I’d loose a foot race and a beauty contest to many of my so-called overweight friends every time.

    A few weeks ago at lunch a coworker started laughing and making fun of an overweight person in the cafeteria. I let him have it and told him he was rude and out of line and that he hurt my feelings since I have several overweight people in my family. I also told him to shut up since he had 2 slices of pizza and a cookie on his plate. I was furious!


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