waiting and packing

I’m an awful packer. I take forever. Especially with work and the kids. This time around I’ve been very good about having a spreadsheet and keeping track of what’s in the boxes and numbering them. But, I’m still very slow. The books (100+) aren’t too bad,they’re fairly easy to stack in a box. But when it comes to kitchen stuff, or deciding what should be packed and what should be kept out until the last minute- I’m hopeless.

But, house or no house, money or no money, we’ve been given the boot and we have to move. So, I’ve got to force myself to pack it all up. This 4 bedroom, 3 floor house. The Garage. The Shed. The Greenhouse. The 5 people and 3 cats.

The kids are planning the back to school party they want to have in the new house. David is painting their furniture in preparation for their new rooms. (We’ve been meaning to paint it for the last 6 months, at least.)

And meanwhile I’m standing there looking at all the work still to do. The heavy lifting. The settling in. The notifying various companies and redirecting our mail. But before that- the wondering, the waiting, the hoping, and the bloody packing.

Monday is D-Day (Discovering if we’ll be homeless or not-day.) We should find out if our letting application has been approved, and if we’ll be approved for a crisis loan. I’ll be packing on pins and needles all weekend. If you can muster up any good wishes, good thoughts, prayers or hopeful comments, I would be in your debt.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll have every finger and toe crossed for you. Good luck packing!


  2. Posted by ering1 on July 26, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    Thank you so much, A!!


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