is that sunlight at the end of the tunnel, or just an express train?

Blue skies and sunshine! 

Move in date: 22 August

Bank balance: enough to cover deposit (right now. TODAY. Things may be different tomorrow!)

mood: cautiously optimistic

Finished the application for a McJob. The job has “fully flexible” hours, but my first FT job may work against me, we’ll see. Curious about my ability to hold down two FT jobs, a family, and a university course.

Throwing myself into the study guide for my psychology course. Thankfully all the note taking activities and such are not completley foreign to me. My biggest struggle will probably be using shorthand, as I have no experience with it, really.  Really excited for the course to begin in October!

Packing. Made some progress over the weekend. Most of the books are finally packed, the linen closet is almost done, and the china dishes and “special occasion” plates have been wrapped and packed.

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