Lots of screaming and clapping coming from our living room as we watch the first day of Olympic swimming. We’re lucky because we get to cheer for the Brits and the Yanks! But we cheered loudest for Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff.

My son is thrilled by Michael Phelps and keeps saying he’ll be in the Olympics one day, swimming for Great Britain. (Which made me kind of sad- not America?) Devon is a great swimmer, but considering I have to keep asking him what stroke they’re doing- I’m probably not the best one to judge whether he is capable of being an Olympic swimmer or not. And I’m not going to try. He loves swimming, it’s an excellent outlet for his energy and it gives him something to be confident about, even when school is not going very well.

Olivia enjoyed watching the women’s heats but was mostly bored with the whole thing. Swimming is fun for her, and good exercise, but she’s not as into it as Devon is. In fact she’s quite disappointed we can’t get her into riding lessons.  (My husband moans about how much we spend on swimming every month- can you imagine riding lessons!?)

It was good fun, but I think the swimming might be over for the day, so it’s back to packing books for me.

Oh, and Dev taught me something new today: BBBF

Back stroke

Breast stroke


Front crawl

I never knew there were only four strokes. (Please- the only swimming I ever did was at the local pool when I was 10 and even then there was more trying to get noticed by the hunky lifeguards than swimming going on!)

I feel very full of myself now. Maybe I won’t have to hide from the other moms at swim club any more…


(ok. ok. GO TEAM GB!, too.)


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