being taken advantage of.

What is with professional people? I get a bit fed up with being treated like I’m a glorified slave by the vets at my practice.

“Take these dirty dishes to the kitchen, please” (I said yes. That vet signs the paycheck. I won’t say yes the next time, though.)

“I can’t find these xrays- can you ask everyone down there if they’ve seen them?” (I said No. I did manage to avoid doing it sarcastically, or asking if his legs were broken, etc.))

“I can’t take that call, can’t you just tell the client A. B. and C.?” (I do my best, for the sake of customer service. Depending on what professional veterinary advice I’m being asked to provide, I may say- nope. can’t do it.)

“Phone this person, send this letter, change that appointment”

I have exactly 8 billion things that I have to do. My workload is just as heavy as theirs is.  If it werent for the job I do this practice would be floundering even more than it already is. I don’t have time to run around looking for xrays, or take plates out, or return phone calls.

Sometimes, I just want to say “Fuck off! I’m working! That is YOUR job- NOT MINE!”


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