Rafe Notes

2 years 5 months

Rafe continues to grow like a weed. He seems taller every evening, and I am amazed when I undress him and see how little he still is. Thankfully.

His vocabularly is growing along with him. He now answers “yes” when I ask him questions. He likes to shout “go way!” or “gimmee” or even that old favorite “MINE!!” His favorite thing to eat is “SGETTI!!!” and “EYE KEEM!” (that’s ice cream). He also says “peas!” and “tank ew!”

He loves the moon, taking showers, and brushing his teeth. When we go down to the beach he loves getting in and splashing in the waves, or just throwing stones into the water. At the park he is not content to play on the little kids equipment, he must, like his sister before him, attempt the big kids stuff. Which can make for some pretty tense moments while mommy desperatley tries to keep hold of his hand while he climbs across the top of the monkey bars with the big kids.

Last night Devon, Olivia and I taught him how to kick a ball. He was thrilled and had such a good time kicking it for the other two to chase after.

We haven’t really told him about the move yet. How do you tell a two year old something like that? I’ve never worked it out, but how can we not tell him? I hated when the other two were little and big things changed, I never knew how to tell them. I suppose we’ll tell him tonight at bedtime. Even if he doesnt understand, he’ll get the idea and come next Friday saying bye bye to the house hopefully won’t be a shock. He has been to the new house, so hopefully he’ll remember when we get there.

Rafe wears his wellies all the time. He loves coming home and taking his shoes off, just to go and put his wellies on. It’s wonderfully cute, and I don’t have the heart to enforce the no shoes in the house rule with him and his wellies.

He is growing and learning and expressing himself every day, but he is still my baby. The toddler hasn’t started to fall away yet and I can’t quite work out what he’ll be like when he’s older. I think it’s a fair bet to say he will be independent, outgoing, and good humoured. But those are just general traits, It will be fun learning the specifics as he grows. But for the moment, I’m happy to hold onto my baby boy.

update: Rafe has just dumped the contents of his bath onto the bathroom carpet, via bucket. The downstairs hall light is leaking. There is water everywhere. I was in the next room packing, holding a “conversation” with him. I thought those splashes were him dumping the water into the bath. *sigh* One day I will sell the whole lot of them to the gypsies. And won’t they be sorry, then.


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