um. what?

Does anyone ever go on holiday for a week or two and then have to face going back to work and find that their brain has turned to mush? I’m not sure why this happens. I mean I’ve not actually gone anywhere, just stayed home and ordered the children around for a week and a few days. So, I can’t even blame the sun or hunky Mediterranean men. I’ve gone grocery shopping, cooked numerous meals that involved the use of fire,driven a car, etc. All absolutely fine.

But, nonetheless, at bedtime last night, the night before returning to work, my brain went all post-holiday mushy and I, in my ever increasing brilliance, set my alarm for exactly eleven minutes before I needed to be on a train. And I could have made it, too. If I hadn’t hit snooze twice before realizing what a twit I am.

This does not bode well for getting to work and actually remembering how to do my job, but we’ll see.

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