Day Two

Ok, I know. Technically it’s not day two anymore. But since the sun hasn’t risen yet and I haven’t yet had my morning 250ml. of smoothie, I figure it’s still ok to post a day two update.

Today was the first time I have ever weighed my food. I could have just had the 1/2 can of decent soup, but I’m having trouble with the whole idea of slaving over a hot stove to give my family a delicious meal, only for me to get stuck with a measly half can of soup.

I made roast beef on Saturday, so dinner for Monday and Tuesday were devoted to using up the leftovers. Monday was beef stew and dumplings and come on. Noone could realistically expect me to forsake that.

Tuesday was beef curry. Admittedly the sauce was from a jar but still, the smells coming off the stove were delicious. And throw in a bit of naan bread? There was no way the soup was coming out of the cupboard. But I had to be serious. I couldn’t just heap a bowl full and say “to hell with it, there can’t be that many calories!” Because then it wouldn’t be so much a diet as an exercise in futility.

So with my friend Google I worked out the amount of calories in 100g of roast beef (136 I think), and white rice (alot), the curry sauce, and the naan bread. With the use of the calculator, my husbands brain and frequent trips to the kitchen to weigh things, I figured out that I could have 64g. of roast beef (approx. 4-5 9-12g hunks),67.5g Curry sauce,1/4 cup cooked rice(not enough!), and 30g. Naan bread. And I did. And it was delicious.  I had 281 calories left for dinner and after sneaking two extra hunks of meat afterwards, I probably used about 290-300. So, slightly over, but not a big deal.

How am I feeling? Well, ok so far. I’m not anymore tired or worn out than I normally am. I do tend to get very irritable and gouchy when I’m hungry so I’ll need to keep an eye on that. But so far, I’m finding that right when I’m getting to that point of “hungry,HUNGRY,HUNGRY,FEED ME!!!” It’s time to eat again. The problem with that, I’m discovering, is that, I’m not being filled up. And if I’m getting very fidgety waiting to eat again and what I eat doesn’t fill me up, I will probably become very cranky.

I sound as if I spend all day thinking about food. I don’t really. It’s not the hunger so much, and I’m not craving specific foods, but what annoys me is that I’m hungry and I can’t fill the hole. It’s not what I can or can’t eat, it’s just not being able to grab or make something and eat it because I’m hungry. That is what bothers me. I don’t like that gaping hole in my belly, I want to fill it up.So, it’s not eating or food I miss, it’s just getting rid of that empty feeling in my stomach.

Using my 1lb. weights on the uphill walk to the office and enjoying the resistance on my arms. Taking my multi-vitamin.

Time for breakfast, roll on day 3.

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