Day 6

Nightmare:  A family of five moving from a huge 4 bedroom Victorian house, with lots of storage space, to a cramped three bedroom modern house. With almost NO storage space.

And since we have moved in- the twisty thing for the blinds on the side door has broken and fallen off, the bathroom light pull has broken and needed to be replaced, the water seals have come out of the gaps in the 1/2 shower door repeatedly and now one won’t go back in at all. The floorboards creak incessantly, the porch is a 1/4 of the size of our old one and makes coming in out of the rain a nightmare.Especially when we’re bogged down with shopping, equipment,school bags, lunch boxes, coats, umbrellas. ARGH.

We have done virtually NO unpacking and there are boxes everywhere. I know I’m off today. The older kids are out playing, the baby is down for a nap. It’s the perfect time to start, but I can’t even face it.

All I want to do is eat. Just fill up the damn hole in my stomach. I’m hungry. HUNGRY. And frustrated. I feel like bursting into tears, I’m so hungry and crabby and I’ve got diarrhoea (a side effect of the diet) and.  and.


I need to start unpacking. And I need to go do jumping jacks or something for 30 minutes.

There will still be food in 3 months. I won’t be hungry like this forever.  I can have my yogurt in an hour. I have lost 5 pounds already.


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  1. Hi Erin! (it’s kckennett from the forum)

    I’ve been on a very low calorie diet since late June (the Cambridge Diet…shakes, soups and bars…no “real” food…averages 500 calories). I’ve lost over 40 pounds at this point, but still have a way to go. I’m hoping to be at a good bmi by December. We’re going “home” this Christmas. It will be my first Christmas in America since 2002. So, that’s my motivation!

    Anywho, Good Luck with your diet! xoxo


  2. Posted by ering1 on September 6, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Hi Casey!

    I’m so glad to know I’m not alone! Forty pounds is fantastic!!! Congratulations and good luck for the next few months.

    I don’t think I could do this if the weight took forever to come off. I think the only reason I’m still with it is the five pounds I lost last week!

    And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I’ve not been home since I moved over in 2005, would love just to be back there for the holidays.


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