Day 9

So I asked on this forum I belong to for dinner recipes under 200 calories, and one of the suggestions I got was an egg white omelette. “ooh, sounds great!” I thought.

So, David was making omelettes for dinner tonight and I asked if he would save some egg whites and do a special omelette for me when I arrived home and of course he was happy to.

I got home and popped out into the garden to get a tomato off the vine, David chopped up some fresh spinach and…(yes, all right. I shredded a bit of cheese for it, too.) everything was ready. As it was cooking I walked over and had a look at it, and noticed that their was quite a lot of sizzling liquid in the pan with it. And my heart sunk and I looked up at David and said “Um. What exactly are you cooking that in?” and he replied, cautiously (he knows enough to be worried when I start asking questions I already know the answer to), “oil. why?”

I assure you, it was not extra virgin olive oil.

me-“Well, it was meant to be healthy…?”

him-“oh. ah… dammit. I’m sorry.”

So, maybe it wasn’t as healthy as it was intended to be. But it was delicious. And the effort was there. So, surely it counts. And whatever, I exercised today anyway.


Dear American Woman that I met on the train today,

I am not actually an idiot. It did occur to me when you asked if the weights I was strapping to my wrists were “for exercise or something?” that you didn’t “sound local”. But, I seem to be in this funny stage of my expatriation where the British accent doesnt stand out anymore, but the American accent doesnt completely stand out yet. So, I never feel confident enough to ask someone if they are also from the states. Even when you gave me an opening by asking where I was from (Arizona) and telling me how much you enjoyed visiting Tucson, but were more of a California girl, I still couldn’t ask. Because, surely you can see how that might be taken as an English woman saying how much she enjoys visiting California, and occasionally Arizona, too. So, still I couldn’t say anything.

Nonetheless it was very nice to chat to you, though I did find it odd that you got on that carriage, and sat directly across from me despite all the other seat available!!! What a weird coincidence.


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