oh, and also-

Overweight people are not all overweight because “they obviously don’t eat only when they’re hungry”. There are lots and lots of reasons for obesity.

Ignorance + Stereotypes= a hateful society.

I am apalled at the amount of hate filled diatribes aimed at poeple who are “obese”.  I know that there is always some group of people that get treated like dirt for being different, whether it’s a different religion, or skin colour, or political affiliation.  And every time that group of people manage to throw off the rampant discrimination associated with their group, it just moves right on to another group of people.

Is it possible we could just live up to our perceived humanity and evolution and just stop, altogether? Why does there always have to be a group of society that we deem less worthy, less smart, less pretty, less capable, etc? If we started acting like we were all equals, perhaps we really could start feeling like it, too.

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