Day 18

After initially losing 10 pounds in the first week and a half of the diet I didn’t lose anymore weight.  I was walking and working my arms and my legs and sticking to my diet. There have been days which I’ve gone over 500 calories, so I accept my body has probably not properly been into ketosis for very long, but I’ve accepted that. Nonetheless,  I should have been losing weight.

I decided a few days ago that I was not exercising enough. (It was either that or I was having cheeseburgers for lunch behind my back)  Or, I was exercising but it would be considered “light” exercise.  I needed to do more to really get my body to start using up those fat stores. So, I started using the treadmill.  I spend between 20-30 minutes a day on it and walk at an avg. speed of 5.5 Kph, with an elevation of 3.5%.  This really gets my heart rate up and burns calories.  I hope to increase the pace over time.

This seems to have been the right thing to do as I have lost another 2 pounds over the few days since Monday. This has given me that boost I needed to keep on going. I hadn’t yet considered giving up, but it had occured to me that I just wasn’t going to lose anymore weight, I was destined to be fat, etc.

I’ve had some very nice comments about how much weight I’ve lost, but I have trouble accepting compliments and I just think “It’s only ten pounds, I wish they wouldn’t lavish me with praise, I’m not a child, and I’m still fat, so why the fuss, do they really mean it or are they just mocking me?” I know they’re just being nice, and maybe trying to encourage me- but I still have to force myself to smile and say thank you.

Had a really rough day yesterday, which culminated  with me in Asda, buying a candy bar. Which I ate.  But I burned about 400 calories yesterday, and ate less than 500, so I think I can live with it.


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  1. nice blog
    actually im on the same diet, this time is final for me, cause ive tried it once before, but couldnt keep up, not because of hunger, but because i started disliking the fact of eating only vegetables.

    up to now its my 19th day, i guess im eating somewhat less than 500, probably 400 or maybe a bit less. I only eat once a day, at night and have no hunger at all, even though thats odd.
    have you done some research about what would happen after the diet? i mean when u start eating the normal amount of calories again (2000)?
    Ive read that when this happens i might grow fat again pretty fast, and even gain more weight than the begining.
    Is there any danger if i continue with this diet? also read it may be really harmfull for my health.
    hope to hear from you
    best wishes


  2. Posted by ering1 on September 27, 2008 at 10:41 am

    Hi dbs!

    Good luck on the diet! I don’t really restrict exactly what I’m eating so much, more how much I eat. And even that isn’t exactly true. I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast (organic,real fruit) and organic yogurt and an orange or handful of grapes for lunch and for dinner I have half a can of “homemade” organic soup. I usually have about 50 calories leftover so I usually have another orange, or I could have a piece of chocolate or something.

    If I don’t want soup for dinner, than I have whatever I’ve made for my family, but a small portion that I’ve usually calculated the amount of calories of. So, you don’t have to eat “just vegetables”.

    I’m not terribly worried about the weight coming back, as the weight I’m trying to lose is accumulated baby fat, from three pregnancies that I never tried to lose the weight from. Since the birth of my youngest child 2 1/2 years ago, I’ve not gained any weight. When the diet is finished I’ll increase my calorie intake gradually to 800 cals p/d the first week, than 1100 the next week and so on and so forth until I’m back at 2000.

    I intend to make exercise a rule rather than an exception from now on. But I’m still trying to find the best regime for me.

    I’ve spoken to my doctor about my diet and she has given me the go-ahead. If you are worried about your health then it is probably a good idea to ask your doctor about it. I decided that this was the best diet for me, and that it was going to be a one time deal only. In addition, exercise is a must- it will be difficult to actually lose any weight on this type of diet without exercise, or I’ll lose the weight and have flabby skin, neither of which I want. Plus, I think it will be hard to avoid weight gain without exercise post diet. I need to keep my muscles active.

    Best of Luck!



  3. Posted by Holley on November 3, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    Interesting! I am on the same thing right now. I am on day 10…how is it going? have you kept up the diet?

    It’s hard for me mostly because going out to eat was a big part of many things. Now it’s near impossible to go out. But this sunday, we did go to a bagel house. I had one bagel (and nothing else all day!); That was tough. I used to go to the bagel house and eat two.

    I eat a lot of “power bars”–real power bars not the chocolate loaded things with so much sugar they are practically candy bars. These are dense, high in protiens; I eat the granola bars that are only 90 cal and high in carbs when I want a “sugar” snack. I love oranges and other fruits.

    I have pretty much cut out the soda, but I give myself 1 diet dr pepper in the evening as a treat. I think removing the soda has been a huge key to stopping the hunger. Usually my stomach would be killing me, since I stopped drinking soda, I don’t feel nearly as hungry.

    How’s your diet going now? I would love to hear…..

    Cheers, Holley in TX


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