Autumn time


“How am I going to get through everything at work?”

“What does the boss mean by “things will be crystal clear?”

“Am I doing this course work correctly? It can be so hard to intrepret the instructions- I’m so out of my depth”

“I’m hungry, this diet is killer. Gotta stick with it though.”

“Did great on the treadmill, today. Really good. Gotta keep with it though.”


leaves are falling around me. making that soft sound as they go, almost like soft footsteps and I turn to make sure there is noone behind me. They float and twist and catch the light as they go. My heart catches in my chest, I feel this fantastic feeling of bursting forward within myself. I look up, and the canopy of leaves above me is a sunlit brillant emerald green colour. I hear buzzing, and as I look around to see where it is coming from I see through a hole in the leaves, a place high in the trees where bee’s or wasps are swiftly traveling in and out of what must be their hive. A bird is hopping through the undergrowth, and a squirrel scampers up the tree, some treasure in its mouth.

I remember. This is why I love England.


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