the usual.

So. um. yeah. Hi!

It would appear that people do actually read this blog. Given the amount of views I get each day, anyway- but maybe you’re all just here for Mickey Mouse and, you know, that’s ok too.

I’ve not been able to think of anything to post recently. Probably because I don’t really like most of my posts. I want to be funny and light, yet I just come off as boring and negative.  I’ve been trying to think of things to write about, funny, interesting things, but I just come up with a whole lot of nothin’.

Let us take today for instance-

5:30 am- woke up, discovered that grand ole’ time of the month had crept up on me again.

6:00am- got ready for work, checked the weather report, transferred stuff from purse to backpack and made a dash to the train, made small talk with cuddly husband in car. My apologies to cuddly husband as I have no idea what we talked about.

6:17- on the train. most days I would work on my course work but this essay is kicking my butt and I mostly dozed the entire time

6:55- off the train and walked to work. It was cold, I briefly considered buying long johns and winter boots.

7:25> at work, spent an hour replying to an email and that really wrecked my morning routine, rest of morning was boring

12:00>told by client to “shut up”, and then raked over the coals by boss for apparently not treading the thin *keep the client happy but make em pay up,too!* line carefully enough, though he admitted there was nothing else I could have done in that situation and I hadn’t actually done anything wrong. So. yeah. Hello?

2:00>bad cramps and a foul temper have me head home early.

3:00>Petersfield to wait for cuddly husband to pick me up. Bought items for kids Halloween party and and Halloween costumes, plus some Christmas pressies.

4:25> bad mood slightly lifted, I went to meet cuddly husband at our pre-arranged 4:30 meeting spot.

5:00>mood is now black as ever as CH is 30 minutes late and hasn’t bothered to call. (he doesn’t have my number as it’s in his phone, which he forgot at home. not the best reason to give.)

5:30> arrive home to find kids jumping on furniture, chores not done and post from today opened and scattered all over the floor, including the details for my next OU course. Baby is upset, turns out his diaper has not been changed recently, and his bottom is bright red and he is in so much pain I can’t even put a new diaper on him.

6:00> send CH to the shop across the way for dinner supplies and request chocolate, “dark, something good”, he comes back with a kit-kat. *sigh* seriously?

6:30> let little ones put on their new costumes. they are very cute. I smile.

7:00> find eight year old wandering around with newly purchased Christmas present after 2 year old discovered the bag and pulled everything out of it.

So, tyring to condense all that, or even part of it into something humerous and interesting instead of just bitching about it, or writing a boring monologue, isn’t easy. I’m sorry.


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