We’ve got a new nickname for our little girl round here. We call her Flo-Jo. Olivia joined her schools running club last month and ever since she has been the talk of the town. At their first competition with other schools, Olivia came 27th out of 100 kids, and 1st in her group. At the 2nd competition a few days ago- Olivia came 11th,  and again first in her group.

No pictures as we arrived late and missed her (wouldn’t have happened if she’d just been a  bit slower-sheesh!) but when I did locate her in the crowd her headteacher was positively jubilant.  He praised her “natural running ability”, how she overtook kids going up the hill, and paced herself on the way down. There will be more of these competitions this year and into next year. Olivia is very likely to be in the individual championship in March and her teacher thinks she could very easily win it within a couple of years.

We’re not too surprised, Olivia is naturally athletic and loves running and climbing ,etc.  I’m thrilled she has found something like this that really challenges her, and gives her satisfaction.  I can’t wait for the next event so I can actually see her in action- and get some pictures!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Way to go, Olivia, that’s fantastic!


  2. Posted by ering1 on October 13, 2008 at 7:53 am

    Thanks, A. We are so pleased for her, especially as she’s been getting a bit bored with swimming, which she’s been doing for a few years now.


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