Happy *evil* Halloween!

“So, kids- will your cousins J and A be coming to your Halloween party?”

“Oh. Well, no.”

“Oh, why not?”  They only live around the corner, and it’s not like Halloween is so huge over here that they’re likely to have made other plans

“Weeeeeell…. their mom said it’s too evil”

“What? Your joking…hahahahaha”

“No, really,  mom”


How did I miss the fact that my husbands sister in law (C) is so religious she thinks Halloween is evil? I mean, I know J goes to a Catholic school and all, but the way I heard it, she had to practically bribe a local priest to write the letter saying they attended his church regularly. I mean, seriously, left field. Evil? Eating candy and bobbing for apples? Religion in my husbands family is non-existent, he himself is an atheist. I have never seen any sort of religious items in C’s house, I’ve never heard of them doing religious things, and my brother in law is very unlikely to have decided to be a devout, practising Catholic!

I feel bad for her kids, and I’m a bit annoyed too. You don’t tell your kids they can’t attend their cousins halloween party because it’s too evil.  The kids really like each other and despite living in the same area they don’t see each other all that often, so when they get to hang out, it’s a special treat for them and they were really looking forward to them coming to the party. Do I have to seriously  worry that she is going to teach her kids that my family is “evil?”

Is this something that is typical among Catholics? Is it a cop-out for not wanting to drag her kids 5 minutes to our house? (Which wouldn’t actually surprise me with her) And if it is just a cop out, surely she could have made something up that was a bit less insulting. And while it is very important to me that my kids don’t grow up believing it is ok to belittle other people’s beliefs (thus I never do so in front of them) I can’t help but think they may have gotten the impression that I thought this was just a teensy bit stupid.

Maybe next year I’ll call it a “Not Evil Celebration of Autumn”

Anyway- The kids have their party tonight and are really looking forward to it. I am woefully unorganized and will be shocked if I manage to pull this thing off successfully.  Pictures and humorous tales tomorrow, maybe.

Happy Halloween!

2 responses to this post.

  1. No, it’s nothing to do with being Catholic. Millions of Catholics across the US celebrate Halloween with as much gusto as everyone else.

    It has everything to do with a more generalised distrust of Halloween in the UK. I’ve found a lot of people — somewhere around half of the people I’ve spoken to — are very uncomfortable about the whole idea of Halloween, and that’s regardless of their religious beliefs (or lack of). I’ve known devout people to feel this way, but I’ve known even more non-practicing and non-believers (of every demoninational background) to see Halloween this way.

    But then, Halloween in the UK is all about Scary and the occult. It has nothing of the fun, wholesome, and child-friendly nature it has developed in the US. You will never see kids in the UK dressed as clowns or flowers, for instance — it’s always got to be something evil or scary. And yeah, for an American abroad, especially one with kids, it’s a darned shame, and really annoying.


  2. My neighbours declined their invitations to our Halloween party last year for the same reason. I was stunned. I nearly drew a pentagram on the lawn and sacrificed a goat to freak them out. 😉


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