Super heroes

Hi! Thanks for coming. To reward you for your efforts I present a picture of my children as impromptu superheroes. Using what I hope were clean towels and blankets. (Who am I kidding. Of course they were clean!) (That was sarcasm, by the way. )

You know, I’m getting quite good at that lately. Sarcasm. Also, cynicism. And crying, too! I thought I was a good crier, before- nope! I am much better these days.

Ah. Yes. Sorry about that. The cute picture of my kids as superheroes was meant to save you from all the sarcasm and cynicism, since that’s about all I can muster up in terms of conversation, blog posts, anything really, these days. Self loathing is another one. LOT’S of that! Whee! It’s a roller coaster of sarcasm, cynicism, tears and self loathing!

Ah. again with the getting off track. Sorry about that. The picture! It’s cute! It will make you smile. It made ME smile! That is until I remembered how badly life will fuck them over in about twenty years time. And how they will look back at this picture and smirk knowingly.

Devon, Olivia and Rafe

Olivia, Rafe and Devon


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