Why I am lucky to be a white American…

Me: “…anyway, so since I hadn’t actually been here three years when my three year visa expired, I couldn’t apply for permanent residence and had to apply for an extension to make up the gap. I’ll have to apply for permanent residence this year.”

White British (upper working class) colleague: “Oh, is that expensive?”

Me: “Um. yes. Decidedly so. We’ve spent about £2000 on visas so far. And may well have spent another £2000 by the time we have citizenship.”

WBC: “Well. You know, Erin. If you were a Muslim you could have just come over here for free with 7 kids, get the government to pay for your nice big house and not even have to work!”

Me: “um.” (I KNOW! Imagine a rich, non secular country that allows people from impoverished/corrupt nations who are in danger of being killed or tortured to move there without having to pay astronomical fees they could never afford and then actually giving them a place to live and money to live on when they got there! That really is so moral and disgusting!)


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