Baby. It’s cold outside.

Temperatures in England have fallen to sub-zero temperatures. I believe it has been down to -14c overnight here in Southern England. It has been a virtual winter wonderland. Yesterday the kids were able to walk on Petersfield Lake. Braver souls than us ventured out as far as the middle of the lake, playing hockey and walking dogs.

It has been amazing. The kids and I are enthralled, driving down the motorway (freeway) we have our windows down all the way, barely noticing the freezing wind whipping it’s way through the car as we gaze in awe at the iced over fields, the trees with their heavy burden of ice.

This winter has been bitterly cold. But it lacks the constant, constant horrible rain of previous winters. We have had two burst pipes in the garage, we wear multiple thick fleecy layers when going out, but we can walk on water. The air is cold, but dry, and crisp. It is the kind of winter I expected from England, and I am glad England has finally produced it.

Still no snow, though.


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