Have taken up jogging with my friend R. Tonight was my third night out. Between the first and 2nd times, I had a 2 day rest. But, I was just out last night so tonight was difficult. It was like being on the treadmill, sweating, my legs screaming, tears threatening and knowing I couldn’t stop, must not stop, have to keep going, only 10 more minutes. And knowing that ten minutes might as well be a lifetime.

I tripped and fell 5 minutes into the jog, arrived home and it felt like a furnace walking though the door, within ten minutes I was shivering uncontrollably and feeling sick. My legs felt like lead and I must’ve cut one of my toenails badly, because I occasionally felt it jabbing the toe next to it while I was out, and when I took off my shoes I discovered the sock was bloody.

I have promised my friend I will run with her in the Race for Life in July. I am not sure four months is enough time, really. She forgets I am fat, and have a lot of weight to lose before there can be any running of marathons. But, we shall see. I find it amusing, she weighs only slightly less than I do, but being a foot taller than me, she is simply curvy, while I am fat. Life just aint fair is it?

I have a feeling the next 4 months are going to be difficult… Heres hoping I at least lose all this weight.


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