When parenting pays off

It is not easy to apologise. And when you apologise and it is not accepted, or not fully accepted you feel angry and bitter about it.

My son went through that yesterday. And when his apology fell on deaf ears and he lost something very important to him he came very close to just letting it go. “What’s the point?” he asked. “It doesnt matter anyway- I’ll just be rubbish at it.” He said. “None of them want me there anyway” he pleaded.

I had some strong words for him, and convinced him that if something is important to you, you keep fighting for it.

He stayed up late, wrote a second apology. I proof read it, corrected his spelling mistakes and he then rewrote it beautifully.

He took it to school today and presented it to the teacher who he had upset so much. He had a “really nice, long talk” with the teacher. And the letter was praised to heavens. And, probably most importantly to him, he got back that which he had lost, which he spent months working so hard on.

The phone call from the school telling me that he was allowed back etc., made me so proud. I can only encourage him, say strong words to him, and then push him out the door. He has do all the rest. And he did.

Here is his letter:

” Dear Mr. R,

I am sorry for missing to rehearsals and I am also sorry for bringing in to of my friends, it was silly of me to think I could bring them here. I’m sorry that one of them started being rude and horrible to you it won’t happen again.

Please please may I join in with the show. I know all my songs, lines,parts etc. I will behave, listen to instructions and have a good reputation. Please forgive me and put me in the show.




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