In which I unleash the children on the kitchen

Desperate to work on my essay undisturbed, I promised the kids they could make some sugar cookies. All by themselves. There were a few hiccups, “Mommy, what’s the fat?” And the baby refused to give up the spatula, or the beaters, or the spoon for the cause, being to busy licking them. Their measuring may not have been quite up to snuff as they ended up with a batter as opposed to a dough suitable for cutting shapes out of, but I spied a half a bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard and so we turned them into chocolate chip cookies.

They were sure to chill them for a bit but maybe not long enough as they still spread while baking and formed a block of cookie. But they turned out good, edible, even. When they had cooled completely they dug out my icing markers and enjoyed drawing all over them.

These are the remains after they each pawed over them and ummed and awwed and finally chose two and I had half of one to test it’s edibleness. They look a bit overdone, but don’t worry- they were soft and tasty. My eldest will testify to this.

What they don’t realize is that this was actually a test. To see if they could cook proper food without blowing up,melting,or setting fire to anything. They passed my duplicitous little test and I officially never have to cook again! Oh, my own personal chefs. Lovely. What shall I request first? Duck a l’Orange?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I didn’t get a damn thing done on that essay.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hilarious.


  2. Thank you, they make me laugh! It keeps me sane. Or, you know, relatively sane. No one has dragged me off to looney bin just yet.


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